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  • Sheng is a single -axis module SGF8

    Gas with a single axis module -The width of an embedded screw type of the guide rail is 80mm embedded guide rail high rigidity、High precision installation is convenient ...

  • Sheng is a single -axis module sf10

    Gas with a single shaft module -standard screw type can be installed with external photoelectric sensor appearance anode oxidation treatment and high -speed mute ...

  • YAMAHA horizontal multi -joint robot ykxe series

    YKXE series horizontal multi -joint robot can be applied to a variety of manual processes,assembly、Packing、Straight line alignment、Classification、...

  • 3C Industry
  • New Energy Industry
  • Home Appliance Industry
  • Auto industry
  • Packaging industry
  • LCD panel industry
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  • LED display industry

3C industry solution

      For nearly 20 years,We are committed to the 3C field (computer、Communication、Consumer Electronics) Automation Transformation Plan,Relying on robots ...

New Energy Industry Solution

      Driven by national policy support and market demand,Electric vehicles become a hot industry,Demand of power batteries ...

The home appliance industry solution

     With the rise in manufacturing costs in the home appliance industry and the increasing market competition,Informatization of improvement of home appliance technology equipment、Digitalization、Automatic ...

Auto industry solution

      The automotive industry is accelerating transformation and upgrading,Make equipment transformation,Upgrade for replacement,Realize the integration of the information industry and the equipment industry。...

The packaging industry solution

      From the semi -automatic glue flow line,to the production line of the automatic boutique box,to a comprehensive boutique packaging solution,We and bags ...

LCD panel industry solution

       In recent years,my country's LCD panel industry enters a benign development stage,Traditional artificial testing can no longer adapt to high -speed production ...

PCB industry solution

    The manufacturing quality of PCB not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products,also affects the overall competitiveness of downstream products。​​Application of downstream ...

LED display industry solution

      The performance of domestic LED products in recent years,It has obviously improved in terms of luminous efficiency and service life,Application product types ...

Walk into Jogos Copa Do Europa 2024

       Established in 2004 to this day,Jogos Copa Do EUROPA 2024 has developed into an automated core device、Sport control and machine vision system integration scheme、Compound group companies of intelligent equipment and production lines。

       JOGOS COPA Do EUROPA 2024 builds a basic transmission parts、Remote IO class、Electrical drive control category、Automated core devices of core algorithms such as software category,Industrial robot、Soft Sports Control System、Visual positioning detection system、System integration schemes such as robot peripheral products are core,LCD panel、LED photoelectric display and other fields of intelligent equipment and flexible intelligent production lines extended to business modules。

       As a national high -tech enterprise,Jogos Copa Do EUROPA 2024 continues to focus on training and introduce high -quality R & D talents,Formed a technical team with rich practical experience。Mechanical structure mechanics calculation and simulation,Ethercat network communication mechanism,Electrical drive control algorithm、Sport control algorithm、Image processing and other technical research and development systems,Improve the group's core competitiveness on the road of independent intellectual property。

      "Integrated Wisdom,The Future of Intelligent Manufacturing "is the brand concept that Jogos Copa do Europa 2024 upholds,Industry collaboration through the three major business segments、Ecological Development,Dedicated to become a high -end industrial automation system integration application solution,Implement "Makes people no longer work like a machine,The mission of making machines work like a person。

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Flowing is Xingxinpin 丨 SGB series guide orbit bib type module new market

      The SGB series is under the series of incense modules in the internal module of the Xingwei Rail,The new self -developed belt -type guide rail embedded module,Have ...



Happy News 丨 JOGOS COPA Do EUROPA 2024 won the TOP10 output value contribution award in Xiegang Town, Dongguan City in 2022

March 7th,Xiegang Town, Dongguan City Hold the 2022 Work Summary Conference,Looking back on the work of the past year、Summary results、Commendation advanced、Plan the future,...



Auto parts "soft" sexual intelligence era 丨 unlocking single work position multi -specified screw lock new method

Part 01 Plan background 2022 my country's new energy vehicles maintain a strong growth momentum,The annual sales of 6.88 million vehicles,increased by 93%year -on -year。Benefiting from its fast ...

JOGOS COPA Do EUROPA 2024 continues to create value for customers