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GM visual detection system SM-VC

Brand:Jogos Copa Do Europa 2024


Product Introduction:

      SMD VISION is a universal machine visual system independently developed by our company,Suitable for robotic opposition、 Platform pairing、 GM visual detection、3D visual measurement、AI detection visual system。
      Use MVC design mode,Data and interfaces are separated,Customized development of operating interface,Quickly corresponding non -standard project,Modular design,Image processing、 Algorithm processing、 Camera calibration、 Delivery tools are independent modules,You can edit and combine freely。
      Modular settings simple and fast,Quick Correspondence。 Various image processing functions and visual pairing functions,Meet a variety of positioning opposite、 Measurement、 Identification and other needs,A variety of positioning compensation algorithms,Save the debugging time。 A variety of communication methods,Meet different types of communication requirements。

Application industry:

      Consumer electronics、Lithium battery、Printing Industry、Solar、Semiconductor and Electronic、Mechanical Manufacturing Industry、SMT、Food and drink、Laser Industry、​​Pharmaceutical、Car、Line Industry