Happy News 丨 JOGOS COPA DO EUROPA 2024 won 2022 TOP10 output value contribution award in Xiegang Town, Dongguan City

Source: Marketing Center JOGOS COPA DO EUROPA 2024 Automation

March 7th,Xiegang Town, Dongguan City Hold the 2022 Work Summary Conference,Looking back on the work of the past year、Summary results、Commendation advanced、Plan the future,Inspiring the whole town to make up for it,pioneering and aggressive,With a more high attitude、More fullness of energy god,Accelerate the high -quality development of Xiegang。

      Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiegang Town, Ye Keyang, inspires people at the meeting、Entry speech。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiegang Town、Mayor Cai Junwen chaired the meeting,Chairman of Xiegang Town People's Congress Liu Junquan、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Ye Haochang and other leadership teams,The person in charge of each department (unit)、Each village (community) party organization secretary、Representatives of commended enterprises, etc.,About 135 people attended the meeting。

      At the meeting, I watched the work summary video of the 2022 work "New Journey for Endeming the New Journey,Yong Innovation Acts -Review of the Economic and Social Development of Xiegang Town in 2022 ",and commended the advanced unit and individual of work in 2022,JOGOS COPA Do EUROPA 2024 won the 2022 output value contribution award for Xiegang Town with excellent results,Economic indicators are excellent,Help for GDP economic indicators for Xiegang Town。

JOGOS COPA DO EUROPA 2024 General Manager Mr. Zhang Pingliang (second from right) to receive the prize

      Jogos Copa Do Europa 2024 The mission of making quality and efficiency for industrial manufacturing quality and efficiency is carried by each step.,Each figure explains to create value for customers,Each footprint is engraved with the passion of unity and struggle,JOGOS COPA Do EUROPA 2024 as a high -tech enterprise stationed in Xiegang,I will be ingenious with the original intention,Innovative innovation,Keep moving forward。
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