Sheng is Xingxinpin 丨 SGB Series guide orbiting bib module brand new listing

Source: Marketing Center JOGOS COPA DO EUROPA 2024 Automation

      The SGB series is under the series of incense modules of the Xingwei Rail,New independent self -developed belt -type guide rail embedded module,With exquisite structural design,In the case where the product volume and cost reached minimize,Both high speed and high precision,Meet more handling、Spray、Flexible demand for point replenishment scenes。

Part1 Product Features
01 small volume, high cost performance

Integrated design,Covering the area of ​​small,The core components of the module are produced,High -quality production technology,Guarantee cost performance。

02 Noise is smaller and faster

Use belt transmission,Small noise and hazardous speed limit with no screw resonance,Fast speed。

03 Sloper Rigid Raiders

The base and the skate are all -in -one grinding processing for aluminum profile embedded rails,higher rigidity compared to assembly skate。

04 Steel belt sealing dust

High flexible steel belt structure,Durable,Full closed module,Reduce foreign body entry,Prevent internal oil from throwing out,Can be used for clean room environment。

05 Installation of size compatible

It can be compatible with mainstream installation size in the market,Customers can also customize the size。

06 External oil injection design

All series can be injected with external oil,Direct lubrication guide rail,No need to disassemble the lid。

07 embedded rail structure

The module base and the sliding platform are aluminum extrusion profiles,The overall weight is light,Gourgeing after the embedded guide rail,Significant increase in linearity and rigidity。

08 to adapt to mainstream motors

Adapted mainstream servo and step motor,Customers can also choose the motor brand according to their own needs,Electric can be installed in multiple directions,The design of the machine is more convenient。

09 Install convenience and time

No need to disassemble the steel belt,can be fixed from top to bottom or fixed from bottom to top,Add the benchmark on the side of the body,Positioning holes reserved at the bottom。

Part2 product simple selection table


       Future,Sheng Weixing will continue to iterate more guide rail embedded module series products,Continuously expand the application boundary of the single -axis module,Meeting the production needs of more industrial automation industries。

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